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Hi, I'm Lee, a Technical SEO Expert. Working across the technical spectrum of SEO, I provide strong commercial value to clients through cutting-edge digital solutions. I consult with businesses on strategic digital marketing services & techniques to enhance conversion rates online using technical SEO for long term traction & not just for a quick win.

When I look back at my career over the last 19 years, one thing has been a constant; a ruthless attention to the technical elements of search engine optimisation. While most SEOs are focused on external factors such as links to your website (which they do not control), a technical SEO consultant like myself is concerned with internal changes that are 100% within my control.

Performance Matters


My mission is simple: to provide the best performance possible for all my clients. My mission may be simple, but attaining it takes dedication, expertise, & a willingness to innovate.

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The quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose.

I build & maintain strong relationships with my clients. I learn from the past, while focusing on tomorrow's consumer trends & standards.



Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field - "technical expertise".

I'm highly skilled in all areas of online marketing & commerce. By keeping my work 100% in-house, I maintain the highest level of quality.



Innovation is defined simply as a "new idea, device, or method".

If I don't have an answer, i'll find one. If a solution doesn't yet exist, i'll create it.

In addition, I understand business as well as the business of the Internet. I not only recognise the opportunities of this new online world, but know how to use them to grow your company. I turn the virtual reality of the Internet into concrete success for your business. After all, your success is my goal. "When Results Matter" is my tagline, because it captures my mission & the foundation of who I am: a results-focused internet marketing consultant”

If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail

Analyse like a geek

Analyse Like a Geek

First, I learn about your business, goals, market, competition, & needs. I analyse the information I gather & put it into a working framework that encompasses the whole picture of your unique situation & objectives.

Plan like a bride

Plan like a Bride

Next, I examine that framework to understand areas of opportunity. Once opportunities have been identified I craft a custom strategy to capitalise on the potential. I ensure the strategy encompasses the whole picture to ensure I make the most out of the opportunity.

execute like the SAS

Execute Like the SAS

Once I have my plan, I execute it. It does not matter if I am designing a website or starting an organic marketing campaign, I ensure that the strategy is executed quickly with precision.

Ranking well on Google

Ranking on Google

It's highly competitive to get to the top. Luckily for you, I'm an authority on ranking at the top of Google for competitive terms. So rest assured, you & your business is in good hands. I approach every project with passion & dedication, bringing meticulous detail, skill & craftsmanship to every stage of the process.

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A Common Conversation

no defined goal

"Lee, can we focus on content optimisation first & then come back to the technical optimisations later?" well...

Let me put this another way...

Mechanic:"Your gearbox is on its last legs; you'll need to replace it to be able to change gears."
Client:"Okay, is there any chance we can just focus on painting the car first, so it looks nice?"

efforts not getting to goal

Yes, content is important but so is...
User experience
Improving the overall quality of your website
Fixing broken links
Taking control of your redirects
Resolving navigation issues
Competitor analysis
& so much more & then some.

too many goals

One thing I always say: If you don't invest the time in making your website better for your users... don't expect your users to invest their time on your website.

Integrated objective setting

Objective Setting

There's nothing wrong with making assumptions as long as they're identified & put to the test. Before including something in a strategy, I ask myself, what insights do I have to support that decision? This may be related to what your competitors are doing or what I can glean about the different channels available to choose from.

Translating your business objectives into marketing objectives & digital KPIs is something that every strategy I produce will benefit from.

Using quality insights


What is your overarching business objective?

How might marketing impact that business objective? I use your answer to define your marketing objectives.

How might your digital channels impact those marketing objectives? I use your response to define your digital KPIs.

Once I've completed the above process, i'll be left with a KPI framework that clearly shows my various digital KPIs all ladder back to your overarching business objective. As we all know, each channel has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the KPIs that it can drive. By using a framework like this, I can employ a variety of channels with different KPIs, while being sure that each one has a clearly-defined role within your overall marketing strategy.

Using quality insights

Using Insights

While many digital marketing strategists might claim to be insight-led, the reality is that many strategies are founded upon too many assumptions. High-quality insights should be relevant, actionable & supported by more than one source wherever possible.

Humans are creatures of habit & we therefore tend to default to the things we know have worked for us in the past. I ask myself why I'm recommending a certain creative, format or channel. I use multiple insights to guide my decisions as much as possible, giving your peace of mind, you're in safe hands.

Create hypotheses

Create Hypotheses

When planning digital campaigns, my focus is firmly on the data & rightly so. However, while we tend to create strategies based on the data we do have, the data that we don't have can be just as valuable but often gets overlooked. Fundamentally, every recommendation I make in your strategy will be turned into a hypothesis with a clearly-defined testing methodology.

Create Hypotheses<

Successful Outcomes

By incorporating these three relatively straightforward recommendations into your cross-channel strategy, I will be able to very quickly deliver a more integrated approach when it comes to your digital marketing efforts that I will undertake for you.

Lets Connect

Lets Connect

So if you're looking for knowledge & a rewarding adventure, start a conversion today!

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