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When the Google Penguin algorithm that was first announced on April 24, 2012, it hit the web hard & many websites started to see a real drop off in traffic. Many were confused by the update but it was always coming; hard-core link building using the likes of Scrapebox or link buying schemes is now dead. Like anything if you try too hard success is very fairly forthcoming, you need to remember this when starting link building campaign.

Looking for the quick win is always a bad idea, everything you do with regards marketing your online portfolio via link building needs to be done in moderation & built up over time. Here is a model I have been using for quite some time & have had some real success for my clients & personal sites.

Link Building Techniques

  1. Exact Match
    12% of your back-links should have the exact match anchor text (i.e. look like this – blue widgets)
  2. Phrase
    13% of your anchors should include your exact keyword, plus some other words (for example, buy best blue widgets, blue widgets online, blue widgets in New York, etc.)
  3. Brand Name
    17% of your back-links should include only your brand name/domain name (i.e. look like this – bwidgets)
  4. Branded
    6% of your back-links should include your brand name, plus some other words, but not your keywords (for example, this great website bwidgets, bwidgets is a cool company)
  5. KW Branded
    12% of your anchors should include your brand name, plus your keywords (for example, buy blue widgets at bwidgets, best widgets at bwidgets)
  6. Other
    15% of your anchor texts should include some random text and/or some other keywords, but not your main keyword (i.e. they should look like this: beautiful widgets, see black widgets here, this website sells widgets, check out cool widgets here). & if you want to make your backlink profile look even more natural, then at least 1% of your links should include only such words as click here, more info, view more, read more, check here, learn more, see details, i.e. consist from words that people usually use to link to a website – & NOT include your keywords at all (i.e. look like this click here, check here, more info). Having back-links with such anchor texts will make your backlink profile look even more natural to Google as well as other search engines.
  7. URL
    25% of your anchors should include your website URL (i.e. look like this:,, or with some keywords – beautiful widgets at, black widgets New York –

Summing Up

When it comes to link building make sure you dont try too aggressively or trying to get one type of link. Making a sites link profile natural is the most productive way to achieve long term success. I would suggest that you first find out what has caused your website to take a hit from Google's Penguin algorithm by finding out what links you currently have by using: tool produced by SEO Moz . Produce a spreadsheet that has all the link types & correlate what links you currently have to find out what you need to work on to get the above percentile scores for your site.


I discovered this formula at: & I must take my hat off to Jon Cooper for publishing this technique & sharing it with the online community.

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